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Updated 2018-02-12


BBQ Special Committee

“Backyard BBQ” supports students who work really hard at ‘Oyo Festival!

BBQ special committee supports the students working hard to make Oyo-festival a success by serving “Backyard BBQ.”
Kokusai High School is known for their school festival called Oyo festival. Our committee serves food such as charcoal grilled hamburgers at the festival.  We were originally established to provide foods to the students who are busy with performances and duties during the festival.  Over time, we have extended our services to the guests of the festival as well. 
As a food service provider, our job is not limited to the cooking/serving the food on the day of, but includes selecting the suppliers, purchasing the ingredients, and ensuring the quality and safety of the food.
Our committee is open to all parents and guardians of the Kokusai community, including those who already reside in other PTA committees.  We have parents who joined to us out of pure love of barbequing,, to those who wanted to do something to support the students and the Oyo-festival. 
(*)BBQ special committee is officially instated with the approval by the PTA committee upon their first meeting of the new school year.

Major Activities

【Preparation phase】

      • Ingredients…purchase and management of the ingredients (processed meat, drinks, etc.)
      • Suppliesacquiring necessary equipment/supplies
      • ●Fuels…purchasing barbeque grillers and fuels
      • ●Uniform… designing and ordering uniforms
      • ●Food ticket… preparing food tickets
      • Advertisementdesigning posters and flyers
      • Food safety and hygiene… hygiene management, application to the Public Food Service
      • Prep ・・・ Setting up the venue, mowing the area, posting flyers around campus


【On the day of Oyo Festival】

      • ●Grill…Grills patties and sausages over the course of two days.(【referenceYear 2017 1300 servings each., total 2600 servings
      • Cooksput the grilled meat, buns, cheeses and condiments to make burgers/hotdogs
      • ●Drinks…serve drinks that are cooled in a vat
      • Ushersguide customers to the venue and form lines to avoid congestion 
      • Vendors…selling tickets after checking for food allergies

◎There are many tasks that needs to be done other than those listed above.  All members organize ourselves and cooperate as a team to ensure that we provide best services possible at the Oyo Festival.

Activity Reports 


BBQ special committee has been meeting regularly since the authorization of the committee at the first PTA meeting in May.  All 80 members of the PTA have been committing themselves to making the venue a great success. 
Despite the rain caused by the approaching typhoon, we sold all 2600 servings of hamburgers and currywurst, which was 200 more servings than the previous year, and all 525 drinks that we prepared as well. 
We believe that the safety measures that we took, enforcing hygiene management and allergy checks have largely contributed to the success of the Backyard BBQ.

Photo gallery of BBQ Special Committee activities and Oyo Festival