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Updated 2018-02-12

Graduation Committee

Graduation Party Preparation

 We prepare for a meeting in celebration of graduation performed after a graduation ceremony.
 Specifically,we perform distribution of the news, the collection of the fee, a meeting with the catering company, the meeting place construction, adjustment with the event that assumed a student the subject to be concrete.
 In a time of the high school student last,we push forward preparations heartily so that a student, the staff of a school, parent or guardian can enjoy this party together.

Graduation Party (2013 Academic Year)

卒業式後、素早く会場を入れ替え 一年間だけの活動 テーブルの配置が美しい! 各委員会からのヘルプ 料理もデコレーションもスペシャル! プログラム配布 料理の見た目も最高! 各委員会からのヘルプ、ありがとうございました! ケータリング屋さん、最高に美味しかった! 女子に大人気のデザート部はスグサマ完食!