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Updated 2018-02-12

PTA Committee Activities

Steering Committee

The Steering Committee, a legislative body second to the general assembly, is responsible for matters pertaining to the management of Kokusai High School PTA, such as dealing with the agenda items submitted to the general assembly and determining activities.

Grade/Class Committee

The Grade (Class) Committee is concerned with welfare programs for both members and students, promoting cooperation between the faculty/staff and parents/guardians, as well as class/grade management.

Culture Committee

The Cultural Committee organizes activities to enhance further learning about various cultural aspects for PTA members and students.

Public Relations Committee

The Public Relations Committee promotes communication among members through activities such as publishing newsletters.

International Friendship Committee

The International Friendship Committee, from the Kokusai High School’s global perspective, conduct activities such as providing support for welcoming exchange students. These activities contribute to international mutual understanding.

Graduation Committee

The Graduation Committee is involved in activities resulting in a commemorative graduation party.

IT Committee

The Information Technology Committee performs activities that promote communication among members through electronic means including e-mail and the PTA homepage.

BBQ Special Committee


(Special) Committee

When necessary to respond to special circumstances a Special Committee can be enacted by Steering Committee.