Updated 2018-02-17
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Tokyo Metropolitan Kokusai High School PTA established a homepage in the Japanese language in 1996 to announce PTA activities. Announcements sent out by the PTA and the School are posted on the PTA Member Page.You can look over documents that have been lost, or that your child has forgotten to bring home or hand to you.
All information is not yet available on the English language homepage.

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February 12, 2018,  75th Public Relations Magazine
February 9, 2018,  Get Healthier with~ Beauty Shaolin Temple Qigong~
November 19, 2017,  Activities and  Photo gallery of BBQ Special Committee 
November 17, 2017,  Live! Meet & Greet - Kokusai Graduates 2017 


All the registered email addresses of the parents/guardians of the 26th class have been deleted from our mailing list. For the parents/guardians whose children are still enrolled at Tokyo Metropolitan Kokusai High School, we ask you to register for the e-mail distribution service again. 

75th Public Relations Magazine

75th Public Relations Magazine

PTA Insurance Brochure

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