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Updated 2018-02-12

Member Registration


The following services are provided for all PTA members:

  •  Information for PTA members only (committee schedules and event notifications )
  •  Make PDF file of documents distributed by the PTA and School 【※1】
  •  Mail notification of PDF download link for such documents 【※2】

E-mail address registration is required in order to proceed to the Member Page Following is the registration process.  Upon completion of the registration, ID and password will be sent to you.【※3】

【※1】 Documents are from PTA or school, but not all are posted.
【※2】The e-mail may be sent out to you at an early morning or late night since the registration is processed when IT committee members finds the time.
Please set your mobile phone in silent mode if registering your mobile phone e-mail address.
【※3】 Extreme attention is paid to protecting the privacy. The password is occasionally changed.If you do not have an e-mail address, please contact IT Committee - you won’t receive e-mail notifications, but you would be able to check the documents posted on the homepage anytime.

Registration Method

  •  Please register your e-mail address via Online Resistration.
  •  You can register up to 2 e-mail addresses for PC and/or Cell Phone per familly.
  •  If your PC address is already registered and are willing to additionally register your cell phone address, please paste the Japanese phrase "PCアドレス登録済み" (PC already registered) into the Remarks Section of the online form.
  •  For registration, please allow us approximately 10 days.

*Resistration from Cell Phone 

Online Registration

  •  Student's Name, the Year Entered Kokusai HS, Class, Class number, Parent/Guardian's Full Name and the E-mail address (1) to be registered are required fields.
  •  If this is your first time to register and you are going to regirster addresses for both PC and cell phone, please enter the second one in the "E-mail address (2)" field.
  •  If your PC address is already is registered and you are going to additionally register your cell phone address, please enter your second address into the field "the E-mail address (1)" field. In this case, it would be most helpful if you would please paste the Japanese phrase "PCアドレス登録済み" (PC already registered) into the Remarks Section at the bottom.
  •  Please check the page and unless there are any errors, click on the"送信" (submission) button. 

(NOTE: Type addresses in single-byte characters.)


Please update the ID and the Password to access PTA member limited area.

IT committee has emailed New ID and Password to registered members. Please check the previous email from the IT committee.
If you cannot locate the new ID and Password, please include the names of both guardian and student as well as the student's year and class in an inquiry to IT committee at: